The worst time of the year for fleas is September, October, and November

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The worst time of the year for fleas is September, October, and November

Reasons why fleas are a problem

  • Itchy
  • Can transmit tapeworms
  • Can make a young or small animal quite ill by sucking a lot of blood

How can you tell if your Dog/Cat has fleas?


  • Scratching and/or chewing back end
  • Check abdomen and inside hindquarters for red pimples or bumps
  • Check for specks resembling black pepper in the fur


  • Comb around ears, nape of neck and base of tail
  • Wet a piece of paper towel and wipe the comb
  • Check the paper towel for red specks (Flea dirt (feces) will turn red when in contact with water)
  • Have a bowl of soapy water close to drown adult fleas

FAD (Flea Allergy Dermatitis)

Some pets will be itchy, and some have a higher tolerance and will not itch at all. Pets who have FAD will be extremely itchy and irritated causing intense distress. Animals with FAD are allergic to flea saliva, just one bite from a flea will cause them to scratch excessively. FAD is usually treated with antibiotics.

Flea Prevention and Control 


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